Thursday, 5 May 2016

The imagi-nations lead mountain

So, I've finished off all my ACW troops and there is now no excuse not to start on my Syldavians and Bordurians.

In the end, I went with Essex Miniatures Seven Years War figures and here they are, en masse;

The Bordurians are all Prussians, with the main infantry core troops in fusilier caps, plus jägers in tricorns, dragoons, hussars in mirlitons, artillery, and some Von Kleist musketeers who will be Bordurian Hajduks (basically Grenzer-type troops). There are also some Von Kleist lancers who I think will have a nice look on the table once painted up.

The Syldavians are mainly Austrians, the core troops are Austrian German fusiliers, plus one group of German grenadiers, jägers/chasseurs, pandurs and artillery. There are also some hussars in busbies and Trenk hussars for a more exotic look. For dragoons, I decided that I wanted a different look, so the Syldavian dragoons will be represented by French ones in bonnets, basically because I like their hats. 

There are also some separate mounted and foot command groups to provide leaders, musicians and colour parties for both sides. Both sides also have a wagon, to be used as necessary to complete the requirements of individual scenarios.

I want some non-standard figures too, to represent minor characters and suchlike, so I have ordered some figures from the Peter Pig Pirates range. I'll have to see how I can fit these in, but I dare say that I'll work something out.

Later on, I'll probably look at adding more groups, possibly some cuirassiers as impact cavalry and maybe some foot figures from somewhere to act as engineers, plus some irregular troops and militia. I am thinking about using Essex Renaissance Ottoman musketeers as Bordurian bashi-bazouks and I'll probably want some Syldavian militia types too. Not sure which figures to use, though, maybe something from the French in Canada range? Something that looks lacking in spit and polish, for sure.


  1. I think Canadian Courier du Bois with their stocking caps might fit the bill!

    1. That isn't a bad idea. I will give it some thought for when the mountain needs topping up.