Thursday, 12 May 2016

My first Syldavian figures for Sharp Practice

I've finished painting and basing my first figures for my imagi-nations Sharp Practice project.

First up here are eight Syldavian grenadiers from the Istow regiment;

And here are two officers, two NCOs and a colour party;

Both of the above are Essex Miniatures 15mm figures.

Next here is a selection of minor characters and support options, all from Peter Pig's 15mm Pirate range. These are actually a bit smaller than the Essex figures, but I don't think that it will matter too much when they are on the gaming table.

First are some Holy Men, who will act as support options for the armies. On the right, a very martial Catholic priest with a sword for the Syldavians and an Orthodox one, on the left in the hat, for Borduria. The third figure could serve for either side. The hat was made from blu-tack, hardened with super glue and painted;

Next, here are two versions of Aphra Lügenmärchen and her sometime mistress, the Markgräfin Anne-Sophie;

I decided to do two versions of Aphra because I liked both figures and couldn't choose which one was best.

Finally, here is some kind of nobleman, who could serve as all sorts of things in different scenarios plus two women, who might be nobles or maybe something a little more shady or disreputable;

Now I have 40 infantry figures on the painting table to add to the Istrow regiment. These will be musketeers in tricorne hats.