Friday, 6 May 2016

Sharp Practice characters - pt2

Following on from the pen portraits for the Union side, here are their Confederate equivalents.

First, the officers;

Colonel Tom Parker comes from an old established Virginian land-owning family, with wealth and influence. He is the embodiment of the honourable Southern gentleman and is an impressive horseman. Of average height and build, he is a fairly unprepossessing-looking sort and, to be honest is a dull chap without a great deal of personality.

Major Gaylord Ravenal is also from old established and land-owning family with wealth and influence but he could hardly be described as honourable. In fact, he is something of a cad, a self-confessed ladies man and not above resorting to bribery to get what he wants. Physically, he cuts a tall and impressive figure, with good looks and a pleasant manner.

Major Jefferson Davis Hogg is cut from different cloth. His family has transcended its humble origins, gone into trade, done well and is now well-off and bourgeois. Unfortunately, Hogg doesn't share in the general wealth, being a spendthrift and a drunk, which probably accounts for his sickly physique, although the drink has not taken any toll on his handsome features. He is, though, a thoroughly dislikeable character.

Captain Byron Beausoleil, although a gentleman, enlisted as a common soldier in the early days of the war, but has risen through the ranks to become an officer. Not a large man by any means, nor much of a looker, he is nevertheless reliable and affable.

Lieutenant Nahum G. Pierce is another gentleman officer who originally enlisted as a common soldier. Of average build and pretty ordinary-looking, he is honourable if dull.

Lieutenant Chauncey Beauregard has connections and money. His father is a powerful political operator, with the ear of President Davis. Beauregard knows that honour is the essential weapon of a gentleman and is personally charming, physically impressive and wields a suitably large and heavy  sword in combat. Unfortunately, his looks let him down. His face has been described, behind his back, as "looking like the wrong end of a hawg".

And now, the NCOs;

Sergeant Marcel Frottoir has little to recommend him to anyone. Dull in spirit, sickly in body and lacking any physical charms, it is hardly a surprise to discover that he is a complete and utter misanthrope, with his eyes constantly looking for the chance to line his pockets. 

Sergeant Roscoe P. Coltrane is a decent sort in many ways. He is reasonable-looking, physically strong, although of average build, and honourable, but there is something in his manner that makes him very difficult to like.

Sergeant Elmore Huckleberry is pretty anonymous really. Of average height, he is a pleasant sort, quite good looking and fairly decent.

Corporal Cooter Davenport is a decent, average good looking chap, but a bit dull.

Corporal Rufus Breaux is an affable, decent, fair-looking sort, but his poor sharecropper upbringing has left him with a sickly  constitution.

Corporal Henry Akeley is, by common consent a pretty vile and friendless person but, being a strapping chap, no one is likely to offend him to his undeniably fair face.

So, there we have it. A pretty mixed bunch, I'm sure you will agree.

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