Tuesday, 30 November 2021

And finally, the rest of the Volkssturm

Here are the last of my figures for this little project, three squads making up the core Volkssturm Zug.

The first squad, plus the Zugführer (slightly out of focus with the pistol);

Followed by the other two squads;

Each squad has a Junior Leader with a SMG and eight riflemen.

I have painted some of the figures in dark blue uniforms to represent members of the Hitlerjugend. This seems to be what they wore once they had grown out of their shorts, as far as I can tell. To be honest, I don't really want to dive into too many websites covering this unsavoury organisation.

I've also used the same vaguely military colours that I used for the guys with Panzerfausts, to give an idea of old soldiers getting a tunic or greatcoat out of the loft or maybe grabbing something left behind by retreating Heer units. I've also given one or two brown clothing, which seems to have been widely used by a lot of NSDAP paramilitary organisations like the Reichsarbeitsdienst. The colour seems to vary, but it is often a kind of diarrhoea brown, which seems appropriate. 

Some of the figures have helmets and others forage caps and they all have the Volkssturm armband.

The number of different figures in the Peter Pig Volkssturm offering isn't huge, so I bulked them out with rifle-armed figures from their Afrika Korps range. They are wearing a lot of military kit, such as gas mask cases, but I don't think that it matters that much. Perhaps this particular Volkssturm unit came from an area were kit was a bit more plentiful.

The problem with the Volkssturm is that regardless of any official organisational charts, the reality was always a lack of uniformity or adherence to what the regulations might state, due to all manner of reasons. However, to put something on the table which will work in Chain of Command rules terms, I've had to give the thing a coherent shape. 

Here is what I have gone with;

HQ: Zugführer - SL with pistol 

2 x MG42 teams (3 crew, gunner, loader, ammunition carrier). These can be allocated to a squad, deployed as a team without a leader or kept under the control of the SL. n.b the ammunition carrier doesn't use a rifle separately.

8 x men with Panzerfausts and no other armament, to be allocated as desired.

3 x Squads (Gruppenführer - JL with SMG, 8 rifles)

The Zug is rated Green as laid out in the CoC rule book.

Monday, 29 November 2021

More 15mm Volkssturm - Panzerfausts

The Volkssturm was supposed to be the mobilisation of the (male) German population into a huge army to defend the Fatherland against the allies. It never really turned out that way, though.

There was a shortage of weapons and uniforms and most of the available healthy manpower was siphoned off into the new Volksgrenadier units, many of which were wasted in the abortive Ardennes Offensive of December 1944.

However, Volkssturm units were formed and equipped with whatever was available, which meant a lot of obsolete rifles and even more Panzerfausts.

These are all Peter Pig figures, some of a more martial appearance than others, due to their military-style soft caps. I've used grey-green on some of the clothing to imply either military greatcoats dished out from a store somewhere or tunics that might date back to someone's service in the Great War. You will note that only two of these figures have rifles. The rest just have a 'faust. Again, I've attempted the red/white/black Volkssturm armband on them.

My idea here is that these guys will form a resource available to the Zugführer to allocate as he sees fit. I've even got an idea how they might be used in a game of CoC. They could be allocated to individual squads or be held centrally, either to be deployed as an Ambush, using a CoC dice, or as a one-man team which will activate on a 1 on a Command Dice. Once they have fired, if deployed as a 1-man team or an Ambush they will be unarmed and should be removed from the table. Those allocated to a squad will remain with the squad and will be able to replace a rifleman casualty (but not the Gruppenführer JL).

By September 1944, the Panzerfaust 60 reached peak production but was slowly being replaced by the more powerful Panzerfaust 100. Apart from the longer range of the Model 100, both versions were of a similar size and both could knock out any Allied tanks encountered. They were most effective in urban combat situations, where tanks were vulnerable to such portable one-shot weapons.

Thursday, 25 November 2021

The start of a much postponed new WW2 project

I have had this idea for quite a long time now, and actually bought most of the figures at Colours in 2019, but it just got put aside when the pandemic struck us in early 2020. All the figures in this project, except one are Peter Pig.

The project is a 15mm German Volkssturm Zug for late-war Chain of Command. My reason for doing this was to allow me to play games in the last months of the Third Reich when the Volkssturm were supposed to be Germany's last line of defence. It was also part of a bigger plan, which was to do 15mm Soviet forces for Chain of Command too. 

So, I've started work on these now, and here are the first fruits. These represent the heavier firepower for the force.

Here are two MG42 teams. These are actually late war German infantry in greatcoats, but you can't get Volkssturm figures with LMGs, well I couldn't find any. You'll note that I have attempted to paint Volkssturm armbands on them. 

Next, and this is for a specific project I have in mind is a Ranking Senior Leader (in CoC terms), a NSDAP Gemeinschaftsleiter (Community Leader), with a runner or bodyguard (this one is a Forged in Battle early war German infantry figure)

I also had some Peter Pig late-war German infantry with StG 44 assault rifles hanging around so, I decided that my project might have well have some Volksgrenadiers as a support option. I'll rate them as Green for CoC games.

This squad is a Junior Leader with an SMG (pointing, on the larger base) and seven men with the StG 44 rifles. 

My next post will be about the actual Volkssturm Zug once I have varnished and photographed them.

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

More Maze of Malcor - a Bog Man

This is one of the creatures from the Maze of Malcor Bestiary. 

According to the rules, a Bog Man is a kind of Undead creature found in bogs and marshes. They have no skeleton and are basically a human-shaped bag of flesh filled with mud and marsh gas.

I painted this one to look like he'd been rotting away in some smelly quicksand environment before emerging to do whatever it is that Bog Men do. My main aim was to make him look smelly and decomposing. I think I succeeded.

The figure is from the official North Star range of Frostgrave figures. 

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Maze of Malcor - Four Wizard Shades and a Banshee

Ages ago, when it was first announced I bought the Frostgrave Maze of Malcor book and the associated range of figures from North Star. Sadly, our then-current Frostgrave campaign at the club came to an end and we all decided on a break from Frostgrave. I never painted up any of the figures, well not until now.

In the book, the Wizard Shades are portrayed as incorporeal but with a normal appearance. I decided that I wanted them to look more "ghostly".

As you can see, I've used a greenish palette for these figures, making them, hopefully, look a bit more like generic ghostly apparitions, or maybe even statues. Who knows? They could come in useful for all sorts of games with horror-based, gothic or supernatural settings.

I took a slightly different approach with the Banshee, giving her a reddish tinge to her flesh and hair. I wanted to make her look a bit different to the other apparitions. I'm not sure that I'm totally happy with the outcome, but she will have to do.

I'd be interested to see what others think about these.

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Lincombe Barn Wargames Society presents The Return Of The Tabletop Sale

The last time the club held an open event was in 2019, when we ran our annual Reveille show. Since then, we have had to cancel our 2020 planned events due to Covid-19 and also had to rearrange our 2021 programme.

So, I am happy to announce that our much delayed 2021 Table Top Sale will finally be going ahead this month.

Normally, November would be the time for Reveille, but with both Salute and Warfare happening in November this year, we decided to cancel our show and run the TTS instead, in a slightly smaller format, i.e. we are only using the two main rooms at the Barn rather than spreading out to the smaller locations.

Please note that all tables have now been booked, so please don't contact me about booking a table, but obviously everyone is welcome to come along, browse what is on sale and hopefully grab a few bargains.

Tuesday, 2 November 2021

My final four 17th century skirmishers.

The final four figures are all brandishing pistols, although three of them are prepared to attack with their mortuary swords once they have fired;

There isn't really much to say about these guys, except that I am really pleased with how they have turned out. The figure on the right, with a plume in his hatband is giving off strong leader vibes, the other one in green is clearly a dismounted trooper and the remaining two are clearly foot soldiers, due to them not wearing top boots.

I am really looking forward to getting my hands on the next sixteen figures from Bloody Miniatures as soon as they are on sale.