Thursday, 16 June 2022

Two dozen more 15th century longbowmen

 I finished these off yesterday evening. 24 more Perry plastic longbowmen;

I hadn't planned on getting these all finished yesterday, but I ended up with some free time yesterday evening and got them based and varnished.

Once again I haven't followed any specific historically-accurate colours for their livery, preferring to go with what I thought would look good on the table. I've also gone for some slight variations in the actual reds and greens chosen on both sets so that although there is a unifying theme, neither set looks like they are wearing identical "uniforms". I have given them all crosses on their liveries again, in case I want to link them to my condottiere's Papal force.

As with the previous set, these have lots of possibilities; Never Mind The Billhooks, Lion Rampant, Saga: Age of Magic etc.

I am really pleased how this renaissance project is shaping up. Now on with the halberdiers. One group of 12 will be in the black and yellow of Uri, but I'm not sure what colour I'll paint the other 24.

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

15th century longbowmen

These are more Perry plastics, from the WoTR Infantry box.

I bought two boxes of these, so that I could have three groups of 12 bowmen and the same of billmen/halberdiers. This was to enable me to field forces for the Never Mind The Billhooks rules, as well as for Lion Rampant and also as a Great Kingdoms force for Saga: Age of Magic.

I wasn't too concerned about the livery here. I decided to use a colour palette that pleased me rather than something historically accurate. I think that green and yellow look good together.

I am hoping that they might find a space in my 15th century Italian condottiere's band. I think that bows were used in the Italian states in the period, as well as in France and Burgundy too.

I have two more sets of archers to complete, with different liveries, and then I'll move on to the guys with sharp things on sticks.

I also have 18 more dismounted men-at-arms to paint too, but all that plain metal armour is quite boring to paint.


Monday, 23 May 2022

More renaissance infantry - mercenary men-at-arms on foot

More Perry plastics, this time a mixture of armoured types mostly from the Foot Men-at-arms box, but with a few from the European Mercenaries set to bulk it out.

As you can see, they aren't all fully armoured and they are equipped with a mixture of weapons, mostly with swords. I wanted to give them the appearance of a hard-bitten bunch of experienced mercenaries who might not be from the upper echelons of society but who can be relied upon to do the dirty work for whoever pays them the most.

Their standard is a Burgundian one, so perhaps they might be a remnant of the army of Charles the Bold that was destroyed by the Swiss at the Battle of Morat in 1476. I like the blue and yellow colour scheme I've chosen, which sets off the red crosses rather well, I think. 

I am pretty happy that I have got this 15th century project back on the rails. My next step will be to create another, final group of dismounted men-at-arms and then create a number of groups of billmen/halberdiers and archers using the Perry Wars of the Roses Infantry boxes. There will be a lot of glueing involved, but I have made a start on it already.

Friday, 20 May 2022

More renaissance troops have arrived

Twelve more crossbowmen, to be precise, again all Perry plastics.

I decided to give these a blue and white colour scheme, with red crosses to denote that they were working for the Papal army. Of course, blue and white was also a colour scheme associated with the Duchy of Burgundy, so maybe they could be Burgundian mercenaries recruited to serve in my condottieri's band? 

In any case, it doesn't really matter, it is just nice to see a few more troops finished for the project.

I now also have three groups of twelve missile troops who could be an interesting component of a Saga: AoM Great Kingdoms army.

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Back to an old project - my Renaissance Condottieri

It has been ages since I've worked on this project, but I really wanted to get back to it.

My first finished figures are six more Swiss handgunners from the Canton of Uri, which gives me a total of 12 now. You can see the original six here, but you'll have to scroll down to find them.

Clearly these are more Perry plastic figures from the European Mercenaries 1450-1500 box set.

These can fit in easily as troops for Lion and Dragon Rampant, Saga Age of Magic (in a Great Kingdoms force) and also Never Mind The Billhooks, which wasn't part of my plans back in 2019 but most certainly is now.

Thursday, 12 May 2022

The LBWS TTS is back!


Yes, the famous LBWS TTS is back to its proper date and time at the end of May.

We have sold all the available tables, so there is going to be plenty of stuff to buy, hopefully with bargains galore to suit whatever gap in your collection you need to fill.

So, put the date in your diaries and bring plenty of cash. You never know what treasures you might discover.

Hot drinks and snacks will be on sale too, so no need to go hungry!

The club meets on Sunday afternoons too, so if you feel like a game, why not stick around? New members are always welcome.

Sunday, 1 May 2022

The Night Watch

Here are my final four figures from the Bloody Miniatures Company of Wolves set.

They are collectively called The Night Watch, presumably as a reference to the famous Rembrandt painting, which is actually called "Militia Company of District II under the Command of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq", but it also reminds me of the King Crimson song.

These four musketeers are suitable for lots of things, camp guards, a colour party, a town Watch, part of a unit of musket-armed troops and so on. 

I decided to paint one in a green and tan palette because I thought that he would look good as an additional figure for my previous four musketeers and gave the other three a blue and red uniform appearance because I thought that the cassocks looked like something that a rich town council or a regimental colonel might equip officers with, so that they would stand out. The other chap on the left could be from the rank and file of the same unit. I have a couple of packs of Bicorne musketeers in my painting queue, some of whom are also going to get the red/blue treatment. The rest will be, unsurprisingly, green and tan.

I need to crack on with those pretty soon, and I also have Bicorne pikemen to paint up as well.