Friday, 20 May 2016

Peter Pig resin buildings and 4Ground fences

All wargames need scenery and terrain, and most tables look better with buildings too. I've made buildings in the past and they are OK, but when I was putting together my ACW armies for Sharp Practice I was very taken by the Peter Pig resin buildings, so I splashed out and bought some.

They are very nice models, I think, nicely detailed and they paint up really well.

First, here is a log cabin and a small camp of tents with a few barrels and a camp fire for added interest. The figure is there to show the scale.

These can be used as actual items, but can also be used to mark deployment points.

Next we have a large and imposing house with some outbuildings. The large house is a very good-looking piece, I think. There is a nice staircase at the back. I suppose I should have photographed that too.

And finally, here is a smaller farmstead and a wooden church.

I am happy with the way they turned out. They were all undercoated using spray paints, mostly grey but brown for the wooden cabin and then the colour was built up using washes of colour and dry-brushing. The campsite had texture added in the form of fine grade calcium sand, a pet shop item which was intended for use in reptile vivariums and then flocked and given some clumps of static grass.

There are other buildings in the Peter Pig range that are designed for their Wild West figures and which could be used for the ACW I suppose, but I think that these will do for now.

One of the features that seem to be a common sight on ACW battlefields are fences, lots and lots of fences. Snake, or split rail fencing seems to be the standard and 4Ground do some very nice snake fencing in 15mm, made of MDF. So, here it is;

There is about 2 metres of fencing here. It comes in brown and takes a little time to assemble, but it is well worth the effort. With some flock etc on the bases, it looks pretty good, I think.

4Ground also do picket fences. Here are mine.

This fencing comes with gates and I decided to cut one out and reposition it open. Of course, you could also paint this fencing white, but I think that might be a bit too neat and tidy.

You get a fair amount of leftover MDF slats with the snake fencing kits, so I made up a couple of simple scenic items; a signpost and a pile of lumber.

Of course, buildings mean people, and when they are farms, they mean animals too. Here are some Peter Pig farm animals and civilians. These will all be useful for certain Sharp Practice scenarios.

I have some more civilians, from the Wild West range, in different poses still to be painted.


  1. Those look great. Well done on the buildings. You can never have enough snake rail fencing or trees for the ACW.

    1. Thanks. I've got loads of trees that I haven't based up yet. I'll have to crack on with them.