Monday, 30 May 2016

Syldavian reinforcements

Here are the first of my Syldavian cavlry for my Sharp Practice imagi-nations project. Once again, these are all Essex 15mm figures.

First, we have a group of eight troopers from the De Bourbon dragoon regiment, accompanied by two officers, one with a guidon showing the Bourbon flag of France. These troops wear a French-style uniform and are named in honour of the French wife of King Ottokar IX, Queen Octavie de Bourbon.

Secondly, I've painted up a wagon which can serve for all manner of things, as a support option for my troops (either as an ammunition wagon or a water carrier) or as part of a scenario. The wagon is Essex and the barrels are from Peter Pig. I mounted the barrels on a piece of card that fits inside the wagon, so they can easily be removed if they aren't required.

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