Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Some WW2 German armour

In the absence of any new pictures of American Civil War or 18th century figures, I thought that I'd post some pictures from my Second World War German collection. For these games I use I Ain't Been Shot Mum from TooFatLardies.

These are all Plastic Soldier Company 15mm vehicles.

First, here are some Marder self-propelled anti-tank guns defending a bridge;

Next, here are some SdKfz 251 halftrack variants;

There are  2 x 251⁄22 75mm anti-tank guns, 2 x 251⁄9 Stummels with the L24 short 75mm gun and 1 x 251⁄16 Flammpanzerwagen.

The 75mm anti-tank ones are conversions using spare guns from the Marder kits.

Finally, here are enough SdKfz 251/1s for two platoons of Panzergrenadiers and two SdKfz/10 command vehicles;

And here are the actual Panzergrenadiers;

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