Monday, 9 May 2016

American Civil War forces for Sharp Practice - Pt 4

I realise that I meant to post the rest of my ACW Confederates, but forgot all about it, so here they belatedly are.

Once again they are Peter Pig 15mm figures.

First up here are the skirmishers and a group of Confederate Zouaves, wearing rather jaunty straw hats;

They are accompanied by a bugler and two NCOs and led by Lt Chauncey Beauregard.

Next are some more cavalry. These are equipped with shotguns and, as before, I've done them both as a group of mounted figures and dismounted with horse holders. They are led by Maj. Gaylord Ravenal. When these are grouped with the other Confederate cavalry they will form Ravenal's Reivers.

Finally, there is a group of leaders and another bugler;

The mounted ones are Capt Byron Beausoleil and, with a galloper, Col. Tom Parker. Dismounted we have Lieutenants Nahum G. Pierce and, on the base with the flag, Randolph "Randy" Vidrine. There are also three NCOs.

So, that is where I am with the two sets of ACW troops. Next up, I will be painting up artillery, a cannon, crew and limber for both sides, plus a couple of preachers, Holy Men in SP parlance, to put some iron in the souls of the troops.

I've also got a whole load of civilian figures to be painted up and I need to look at options for wagons and engineer figures.

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