Saturday, 21 May 2016

My Syldavian core infantry are now finished

Painting 40 15mm musketeers took longer than I thought it would, because I spent a fair bit of my time gardening over the last week, but finally they are finished.

And here they are, representing the musketeers of the Istow regiment;

These are all Essex figures, Austrian SYW ones. I used two drummers to fill up the spaces left by two figures that I painted separately as NCOs. I think that they look rather good and they add a bit of colour and contrast. I decided that drummers should wear uniforms in the Syldavian royal livery of yellow coats with the regimental facing colour of red and that their drums should be yellow and black.

They are based on 1.5cm MDF bases and grouped on movement trays, all from Warbases.

Together with the grenadiers, officers, NCOs and colour party I've already done, this is the core of my Syldavian army for my Sharp Practice imagi-nations project.

Now I have to get started on some light troops, cavalry and artillery. Then, after that, on to the Bordurians.

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  1. They look great. Well done. Between yours and Rich's projects, I may be tempted to stray into this imaginations thing.