Thursday, 19 May 2016

And for balance, here's some British armour

I've posted some of my WW2 German armour that I use for "I Ain't Been Shot Mum" so, in the interests of balance and fair play and all that sort of thing, here are some British vehicles too.

Here is a complete Squadron of Cromwells and Sherman Fireflies;

These represent A Sdn, 5 RTR, part of 7th Armoured Div. I am still not sure why I painted up a complete squadron, except because I could and it pleased me to do it. The HQ troop has a Cromwell 95mm CS version, as well as an unlikely Firefly.

I doubt that I'll ever see them all on the table at the same time.

n.b I know that Cromwells didn't actually use Culin hedgecutters. I did it for a bit of variation.

Now for some infantry tanks. These are Churchill Mk IV gun tanks (both 6pdr and 75mm variants) and two Churchill Mk III AVREs;

And here some M3/M5 halftracks;

I doubt that they would have had the Brownings in real life. These were usually removed and used for other things.

Finally, a platoon of 6pdr anti-tank guns with Loyd TT carriers;

These are all Plastic Soldier Company 15mm models.

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