Friday, 12 October 2018

The Maze of Malcor - a Nickstarter

This is excellent news for all of us who want more female miniatures for our games.

As Annie says on her Facebook page;

The Maze of Malcor Nickstarter IS NOW LIVE - and excellent news for you all - you can join in the pre-order program through Bad Squiddo Games - woohoo!

This is the extra monsters and encounters from the book, as well as PLASTIC FEMALE SOLDIERS, more troop and wizard types (female!) and some fancy token things.

What does this mean?
Basically you just buy it like any normal pre-order system. It will ship early December. The "starter" element is that the more people join in, the more freebies you get on top of what you've bought.

Will Bad Squiddo totals count towards this total?

Yep, every penny of Malcor bucks will be counted up weekly and sent to North Star to add their counter.

Why Bad Squiddo though?

Because we're cool! You get to support North Star, Osprey AND Bad Squiddo if you come through us. Also, as the leading company in Believable Female Miniatures, you can add even more to your new female Frostgrave force while you are here.

So I can add anything else from the shop at the same time?

Hells yes, do it!

Any other questions - go for it. 

To find out more, and to order some terrific toys, just go HERE

I've already succumbed and ordered the lot, because it all looks so good I didn't want to miss out on anything.

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