Thursday, 4 May 2017

The Nine Years' War in 15mm

Going back about three years, I had an interest in the Field of Glory rules for the Renaissance and later Pike and Shot period. I was also very taken with the very nice figures produced by Lurkio in 15mm for the latter part of the 17th century.

I bought a couple of complete armies, which I augmented with some extra foot regiments. The figures really are very nice and paint up well.

Unfortunately, I never much liked the FOG:R rules and the armies currently languish in their drawers. I thought that it was worth posting some photos, though.

First, here are the French forces of Louis XIV;

These are the elite troops of the French army, the foot of the Gardes Françaises and the horse of the Régiment du Roi, with a base representing the army commander-in-chief.

Next, here are the line regiments of Foot;

The upper photo shows the Régiment de Champagne and the Régiment de Navarre. The lower one has the Picardie, Languedoc and Lyonnais regiments.

Next, the French line Horse, represented by this brigade, comprising the Régiment de La Ferronnay (red cuffs), the Régiment de Villeroy (grey cuffs) and the Régiment de Rohan;

And the artillery, accompanied by the Fusiliers du Roi and the Fimarcon Dragoon regiment;

My other army is an Anglo-Dutch one, representing the forces of William III in the Low Countries. This was a multi-national force, with English, Scottish, Dutch and Danish regiments fighting as part of the Alliance of the League of Augsburg.

First, here is an Anglo-Dutch brigade of Horse. These are Lumley's Horse (red coats/yellow facings), Woods' Horse (red coats/green facings) and the Nassau Horse (grey coats/orange-red facings)

A combined Dutch and Danish brigade of Foot. Note that the Danish Foot regiments do not contain any pikemen. They are (front to rear) the Danish Prins Georg (orange facings) and Fynske (green facings) regiments and the Dutch Garde Te Voet (aka the Blue Guards)

An Anglo-Scottish Foot brigade, supported by artillery. These are the First Foot Guards (front right, blue facings with regimental gun), 1st Regiment of Foot a.k.a. The Royal Scots (front left, white facings with regimental gun) and The Queen Dowager's Regiment of Foot (rear, green facings. They are led by a general.

And finally, some English Fusiliers, the Earl of Oxford's Horse and some English Dragoons.

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  1. These look very well painted - nice work all around. I'm just getting started in the period and have mostly Essex in hand so far. But looking at the Lurkio figures, I see the attraction. I'm going to give them a try for both French and Anglo Dutch. Thanks!