Saturday, 29 April 2017

Four female wizards

I've just photographed my latest figures. I've been working on these over the last week, taking my time and gradually building up the shading. 

They are four female wizards by Reaper Miniatures from their Dark Heaven Legends range. I bought them, once again, from Bad Squiddo Games. Annie's customer service is excellent. Everything I've ordered always arrives really quickly.

These really are very nice castings, hardly any flash at all and loads of detail. I decided on a brighter colour scheme than my previous Frostgrave figures and I spent a lot of time trying to bring out the best that I could from the lovely details in the drapes and folds of the clothes on each wizard.

Here is a rear view;

These really were a lot of fun to paint.

I've already decided that the pair dressed in blue ought to form a Wizard/Apprentice relationship, with the one holding the book as the senior partner and therefore the two in red and green will be another pairing.

It somehow seems appropriate that the red and green pair should be Elementalists, although they don't have to be, and the blue couple could pretty much be anything, not necessarily Sigilists (because of the book).

I am thinking now that I should buy a box of plastic Frostgrave soldiers at some point, to create separate warbands for each wizard pair, ideally with a unifying colour scheme. Red and green would work nicely as the livery for one retinue of fighters and a predominantly blue scheme would be ideal for the other band.

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  1. Just come from the 1st league post - they are very good!