Sunday, 2 April 2017

Making a start on Frostgrave

I've been interested in the idea of Frostgrave for a while, but never really thought about getting any figures because I wasn't sure I'd ever find anyone to play the game against. However, someone at the club recently showed up with a mat for the game and this piqued my interest. Inevitably, I took the plunge and bought the book and a couple of sprues of warband figures (Cultists and Barbarians) from ebay.

I've read the rules and it seems pretty interesting and I've also painted up ten figures from the sprues to be potential warband recruits.

Here they are;

I went for a relatively limited and fairly subdued colour palette, mainly because I don't really like garish figures on the table unless it is absolutely obligatory, but also because it seems to me that the kind of muscle for hire that would form a wizard's entourage might not be that bothered by appearances. I was also influenced in my ideas by the excellent gritty fantasy novels of Joe Abercrombie.

The miniatures I've painted so far are pretty much at the level of thugs, but I've also included a crossbowman, an archer, an infantryman and a man-at-arms. There is also one figure, the one on the left of the picture with the curved scythe weapon who could be used either as a thug or also as a thief (assuming one might think of his blade as an odd dagger).

To be honest, I am pretty pleased with the way they turned out. I've not painted anything like this for a very long time, not since I played Warhammer Fantasy about 20-odd years ago.

I also have a couple of figures primed to be my wizard and apprentice. These are going to be female practitioners of the magic arts and are from Bad Squiddo Games. I'll post them once they are painted. I'm not sure which magical path they are going to follow yet, so their colour scheme will be influenced by my choice.


  1. Excellent looking warband. I'd play against them, but now my wizard has reached tenth level, I'm too scared to field him again in case he dies.

  2. Great looking warband and I love the subdued colour palate...I also used to play warhammer fantasy over 20 years ago... Love frostgrave and the ability to use any figures for your warband...

    1. Thanks! As I wrote on the blog piece, I am not really a fan of garish colour schemes unless they can be justified.