Monday, 15 May 2017

PSC 15mm Universal Carriers

These were released by the Plastic Soldier Company fairly recently and I took advantage of the pre-release offer to buy nine models for the price of six. So, now I have nine Universal Carriers to make and paint. The Universal Carrier was produced in huge numbers and in several variants other than the basic Bren Carrier.

I started on a group of four with Vickers MMGs, which will work well with my 1944-45 British Rifle Company as a machine gun platoon for IABSM The remaining five will be made up as four standard carriers and one Wasp carrier, with a flamethrower. This will give me a three vehicle recce section and a carrier to act as an HQ vehicle, plus some scary support.

I will also be able to pick single carriers for use as support options in my 15mm Chain of Command project.

Anyway, here are the ones I've painted so far;

I've made them look pretty muddy, deliberately, because I rather like a weathered appearance to my vehicles.

They are pretty easy to put together, as are most PSC models and the sprues contain lots of options, so that you can make the basic carrier, two different flamethrower variants, an armoured observation post, a carrier with a 3" mortar (the mortar was stowed and had to be dismounted for action), machine gun versions with either the Vickers or a Browning 50 cal MG or a carrier equipped with a 2" mortar, which could be fired from the vehicle itself. So, lots of options, I think. 

This is a terrific addition to the PSC range of British and Commonwealth vehicles and is bound to end up in a lot of armies. With a change of figures, they would also be suitable for North Africa, because only NW European battledress ones are supplied with the kit.


  1. British troops wore Battledress in North Africa, it not all KD. Uniforms were mixed and it's not always hot in the desert. I have experienced temperature drops in the North African desert.

  2. OK, so maybe they will work just fine without any modifications. Thanks.