Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Table-top Sale at the club

A couple of Sundays ago the club held its annual Table-top Sale. The event was reasonably well-attended and there were plenty of bargains for sale.

We started setting up at around 8am and before long people were already taking notes and checking out what others were selling.

There were all sorts of things on sale, from ready-painted armies to board games and sets of rules.

After the sale was over, some of us played a Living on the Frontline participation game, using the Winter of '79 skirmish rules but with a decidedly weird twist. It certainly put a whole new gloss on the phrase "Leafy Suburbs".

The basic premise was that the local council had declared a state of emergency and ordered everyone to leave town. Unexplained outcrops of jungle were springing up in unusual places. A few groups of stragglers, happily armed to the teeth were stuck inside the town and had to make their way to a helicopter on top of one of the buildings to escape.

Before long, it became obvious that getting near the foliage was Not A Good Idea.

Not only was it a Bad Idea, but the patches of greenery began to spread rapidly. Where was Monty Don when you needed him most?

Before long, things were getting decidedly unpleasant. You don't get problems like this on Gardeners' Question Time.

My gang made it as far as the outside of the building where the helicopter was waiting, but it was really too late.

I've never seen one of these at my local garden centre!

In the end, young James managed to get one of his squaddies into the chopper and he made his escape, leaving the rest of his troops to the less-than-tender mercies of a horde of overgrown Venus flytraps, a fate shared by the rest of us.

So, thanks to Clive for a most entertaining game. You can see more pictures of his excellent carnivorous plants here.

Anyway, I am sure people are wondering if I bought anything at the sale myself. Well, I did, but not a huge amount, mainly because I forgot to stop off at an ATM in the morning.

I bought a couple of sprues of Deus Vult foot sergeants to make up as Frostgrave warbands, a Mordheim sprue for the same purpose and 10 rather nice 28mm metal figures by, I think Renegade. These are early Great War Scottish infantry in Glengarry bonnets, but I shall be painting them up in a more generic colour scheme to use in VBCW and other similar scenarios.

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