Saturday, 11 June 2016

The Freikorps Schtroumpf

In a previous post, I wrote a short biography of Frans Schtroumpf, a Flemish nobleman who became a soldier of fortune and faithfully served the Autocrat of Borduria in numerous wars.

So, here are the troops who formed the two regiments of the Freikorps Schtroumpf, known as the Frajkorps Schtroumpf or Besplatno Korpus Schtroumpf in the two main dialects of Bordurian.

As previously discussed, the troops of the Freikorps Schtroumpf were uniformed in the Schtroumpf family's traditional colours of blue and white.

So, first, here are the famous Schtroumpf Hussars. Note that officers wear red breeches and yellow boots, and have a red band on their mirlitons whereas the troopers wear white breeches and sport a white band.

Secondly, here are the Schtroumpf Fusiliers.

Prussian-style fusilier caps were commonly worn by Bordurian line infantry regiments, as opposed to the tricorne hats worn by most foreign regiments in Bordurian service.

The Schtroumpf  infantrymen  were granted permission to wear caps following their bravery at the Battle of Zornik in 1753.

All figures are from the Essex Miniatures 15mm Prussian Seven Years' War range.


  1. Those are really nice. I`m starting to regret my choice of 28mm. In 15mm you are really cracking on. I also really love the detail of the background you are creating here. I`ve really enjoyed this so far. Inspiring stuff!

    1. Thanks Dave! Glad you are enjoying my project.

      I will happily admit to really wallowing in inventing the background and trying to blend it into real history where possible.