Wednesday, 1 June 2016

More Syldavians, plus a few ACW support options for SP

Of course, Syldavia needs some more cavalry and here are some from the traditional wild irregular light horse, the kind of troopers of whom Captain Sir William Huntley-Palmer wrote when he recorded that “the regiments of light Horse are impetuous, difficult to restrain and prone to looting”.

These are irregular hussars who were originally raised as scouts for the companies of Pandurs who guarded the borders of Syldavia before the army was modernised in the years after 1687. They are classed under Sharp Practice rules as "irregular cavalry". Their uniforms are based on traditional Syldavian dress, although, as you can see, the uniforms of their officers are of the same cut as those of regular hussars.

I've also finished some more mounted and foot leaders. I have some specific ideas about what I can use some of these for. For example, the foot officer in dark green with orange facings on the right of the photo will most likely serve as the leader of an engineering party, once I've found the right figures for that. The bugler in the yellow hussar uniform will serve as a Musician support option for the Syldavians. As for the others, all will be revealed in due course.

Finally, I've created some Holy Men and Physics for my American Civil War armies. These figures are Peter Pig ones.

From left to right, we have; a Confederate Physic (a figure from the Wild West range with a medical bag added), a Confederate preacher (who I see as coming from one of those fundamentalist snake-handling backwoods Baptist sects), a Union sawbones as their Physic (again from the Wild West range, he was originally a bar-tender leaning on a broom, which I cut away and replaced with a scary medical instrument, actually a cleaver cut from a woman figure from the Pirates range), who I rather like in his blood-stained apron, and finally a Union religious officer who I see as being a real fire-and-brimstone Protestant pastor from a New England town with a tradition of witch trials. 

Both the holy men come from the Peter Pig ACW set 65. "Infantry reading".

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