Tuesday, 21 June 2016

More Bordurian infantry

Now, to continue my imagi-nations project, I am returning again to Borduria and back to the core troops for my Sharp Practice force.

Having already shown you the Freikorps Schtroumpf, it is now time to look at some Bordurian line infantry. Here are three groups of eight infantrymen, one NCO, one officer and a colour party representing the Krupski Fusilier Regiment;

As I have already said, Prussian influences were strong in Borduria in the mid-18th century, and in 1745 the Autocrat decreed that all Bordurian, as opposed to foreign, line infantry would henceforth be designated as Fusiliers and would therefore wear a Prussian-style fusilier cap.

The standard uniform for Bordurian line infantry was decreed to be, in the regulations of 1740, as;

 "a mid-green coat with buff or red small clothes, coat linings and facings in the distinctive regimental colour, white gaiters and white belts. Those regiments designated as fusiliers should wear a fusilier cap in the regimental colour and with a brass front plate. Other regiments will wear a black hat, with a white trimmed edge.

Officers of the rank of Kapetan and above should wear the same coloured coats, with white small clothes, an orange sash and a black hat, trimmed white. Officers may wear black leather top boots at their discretion."

These are all, as usual Essex Miniatures 15mm figures on Warbases bases and movement trays.

There were no grenadier companies attached to Bordurian regiments, although some of the foreign regiments in Bordurian service did have grenadier companies. Bordurian grenadiers were organised into two separate regiments, the Schtropov and Zlinkov Regiments. Neither of these ever distinguished themselves in battle and both were disbanded in 1763, following the disastrous Poletje Strele War.

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