Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The club Frostgrave League gets under way

A while ago some of us at the club decided to start a monthly Frostgrave "league" and last Sunday we had our opening fixture. We all started with vanilla, no experience wizards. My band is based around an Elementalist wizard and her apprentice, and for this initial outing their band of thugs and bruisers contained a Man-at-Arms, an Infantryman, an Archer and four Thugs. All my minions are Northstar plastics, a mixture of Barbarians and Cultists and my female magic users are from Bad Squiddo Games.

I've previously posted pictures of all my Frostgrave fighters and the wizards, so I'll head straight to the action.

The table was decidedly non-frosty, perhaps the summer has come to the city and the snow has melted? 

The central area was intended to be a kind of sacred enclosure, where Teleportation wouldn't work, which was packed with treasures. Players had to be occupying the enclosure at the end of the game to get a share of the loot. There were also four other treasures scattered around the table.

My Elementalist has the Raise Zombie spell, which she managed to cast out-of-game, giving the band an extra figure.

My apprentice decided to hang around on a street corner with two burly chaps.

The rest of my ne'er do wells were going to make a dash for the centre. What could possibly go wrong?

Before long, I found the first treasure chest. I decided that my Zombie, being a rubbish fighter should pick it up and shamble off the table as soon as possible.

Elsewhere, Andy's wizard cast Fog, and my apprentice and her two chums used the cover to advance quickly along the lane.

Unfortunately, picking up the treasure caused the arrival of a terrible monster, an Ice Toad, clearly also in a summery mode.

Failing to research the beast, I sent my man-at-arms into combat, where he was summarily dispatched. Oops, that wasn't in the plan at all.

I needed to make sure the Ice Toad didn't gobble up my Zombie, so I pushed a thug into battle.

Meanwhile, two of my other minions managed to get into the central enclosure. All I had to do was keep them there to get a share of the loot.

Amazingly, my thug triumphed over the Ice Toad, giving me a chance of getting the treasure away. My wizard also managed to cast Wall (represented by a line of dice, blocking off my troops from Owen's band.

The centre was getting crowded as Owen got troops into the enclosure, being unable to creep up around my flank due to the Wall.

Andy's froggy fighters began to emerge. You could say that it was a Fog Full Of Frogs.

General mayhem ensued in the central enclosure.

I stopped taking pictures at this point, so I have nothing to say about Richard's band, who I never got into contact with, although I did try to bespell a couple of them, unsuccessfully. Unhappily, I lost a couple more thugs and my wizard came perilously close to being eliminated by a Grenade spell, but when things came to a conclusion, I came away with two treasure chests (containing a total of 350 coins and 2 grimoires) and 120 experience points, meaning that my wizard has gained a level.

I also lost a thug killed but rolling for all my other casualties, I managed to have them all recover ready for the next adventure.

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  1. Sounds like you did well! Room for anymore in the league?