Thursday, 8 February 2018

New purchases

Here are some recent purchases which are intended to fulfil two things. Firstly, to satisfy the standard wargamer magpie urge and secondly, to boost an existing project and start off another one.

First, here is the project boosting set. These are the new plastic Perry 28mm Zulus, which I shall be using for Congo to give me some African warriors who are a little different from the standard Congo ranges of African Kingdoms metal figures. I like that this box gives the option of making warriors with muskets ot rifles as well as traditional weapons. This means that I can have four warriors with rifles and five with muskets. I'll probably have to buy some metal character figures but for £20 this is a cheap way to bulk out my Congo collection.

The next two boxes were something that I'd wanted to get for some time, because I really wanted to paint some Late Romans, but really didn't have a reason to go out and spend the money on figures for which I didn't have a use. They are Gripping Beast plastics, again in 28mm. My idea is to use these to create a Romano-British warband for Saga, but they could easily be the basis of a Late Roman warband too. Again, I might need to get a few metal figures as characters later on.

The Dark Age cavalry (I really wish they were called Late Antiquity/Early Mediaeval Cavalry, but that is me being a pedantic historian) will work well as Auxiliary light cavalry, and the foot troops look perfect for my plans.

I'd never really considered Saga before, but my appetite was whetted by Annie Norman's Freyja's Wrath Kickstarter, to which I have pledged enough money to give me enough figures for a warband with extra troop options and some characters.

Of course, the Late Romans/Romano-British will also be ideal for Dux Britanniarum, assuming I want to buy another set of rules, which can never be ruled out!

So, lots more figures to paint in the coming months. It should be fun.

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