Monday, 12 February 2018

A nice 15mm resin church

I bought this 15mm resin church model a while ago from a bring and buy table at the club's HOTT tournament. It only cost £4 and was originally produced by an American company called Scenic Effects, about whom I know nothing.

Anyway, as it has a sort of vaguely Mediterranean/Spanish look to it, I thought that it would be ideal for my Syldavian and Bordurian SYW imagi-nations games. I see it as a Syldavian church, maybe one from the coastal regions where outside influences could easily have included those from Spanish-controlled southern Italy in the 16th century.

The figure is from Peter Pig, actually from their Pirate range, and is the Holy Man for my Syldavian troops. He is a somewhat martial Catholic priest, armed with a sword.

I really rather like this building. It was a fairly quick paint-job and is going to be useful for other games too, hopefully. I think it is quite characterful and I might have to get some other buildings that will fit in with it on the table. The Hovels Spanish 15mm buildings look like a decent set.

I haven't written much about Syldavia and Borduria for quite some time, but they are never far from my thoughts. I've been thinking on and off about some Ottoman opponents for both countries, seeing as they both have southern borders with the Ottoman Balkans, and that particular mini-project might happen later this year. I also want to paint up some Syldavian militia, who will probably be based on Essex SYW Austrian Hungarian musketeers.

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