Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Alien Squad Leader - a Human Imperial Strikeforce

I've had the figures for this army for ages, going right back to when I created my original Human Imperial Army. I finally decided that I ought to reduce the lead mountain by a small amount more and got round to creating a Human Imperial Strikeforce - an elite formation of power-armoured troopers with minimal heavy supports, but capable of quick assaults, covert operations and hit-and-run attacks. Like my original army, this force is going to be part of the military capability of the Third Human Condominium (3HC). 

I'd already painted up a couple of stands of power-armoured troops and jet-bikes, so I had the colour scheme all worked out and I felt like it was time to get the rest painted. These figures are 15mm (as usual) UNSC Hardsuit troopers from Ground Zero Games.

First, here are five squads of Shocktroopers.  

Next, three Heavy Support teams (I really wish that they were all the big gun at the back, but I only had one so there are mixed teams).

Finally, two Shocktrooper command stands, with command and communications droids,

and then some characters; a Primary Leader (red helmet), a Hero of the Empire, a Medic (white helmet) and two snipers (the kneeling one is equipped with a heavy weapon).

There are a few other options I want for this army that I'll probably fill using existing stuff from other armies. First, Assault Troops, who I'll probably represent with the power-armoured guys from my 2nd Global War Soviets, because their heavy power armour looks right for the job and also some Armoured Transports. These will probably be the ones in my Corporate Mercenary force for the time being, but I quite like the look of these from GZG.

At some point, I might want a Dropship, so I'll be on the lookout for a suitable model in the coming months.

Anyway, I think these have turned out pretty well, so I am going to have to get them into action before long. 

edit: Regarding the Assault Troops, I've changed my mind. What I am going to do is use the two stands of power-armoured troopers from my original Human Imperial army, but with their helmets painted green. This keeps the uniform character of the overall army, with just a distinguishing detail on their armour to designate their special status.

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