Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Reinforcements for my Human Imperial Army

Having now played a game of Alien Squad Leader with my Human Imperial army, and acquired a playtesting copy (thanks Alex!) of the next edition of the rules, I've decided to round out my forces with a few of the new options, as well as bolstering my basic Stormtrooper infantry contingent.

These additions now mean that I have six stands of Stormtrooper Regular Infantry and two Stormtrooper Command stands, giving me the required eight stands of regulars for a 200 point army.

The changes to the rules currently being tested allow this army to take Snipers and a Medic, so I have painted up a Medic character figure and two Snipers, one with a Heavy Weapon. I know that characters really ought to be single figures, but for a nice effect I've given each sniper a spotter figure. I think that this works rather well, visually. I've decided that the sniper's Aiming Device is actually contained in the spotter's distance viewer and linked via a secure microwave beam to the sniping weapon.

For the Medic I've used a kneeling figure using a tablet device, which portrays an advanced diagnostic tool.

These figures are all, as usual from the excellent Ground Zero Games 15mm range.

So, some nice additions to the army. I think that my next additions might involve a ground attack craft and then I'll look to paint up some more power-armoured marines, mainly because I've got a load of them in my lead mountain.

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