Sunday, 26 February 2017

British Rifle platoon for Chain of Command

I posted my German infantry for CoC a little while ago and I then began work on some British infantry as opposition. I finished these last week and then forgot to write up a post about them, which I have now remedied.

These are, once again Peter Pig figures in 15mm, from their Late War British list. This platoon will be suitable for the Northwestern Europe theatre from D-Day until the end of the War.

So far, I've painted up the basic CoC platoon according to the Army Lists in the rules. I need to think what support options I will need and start planning those accordingly.

Anyway, here they are;

In CoC, the platoon is split into three sections, each with a Junior Leader with a Sten, a three-man Bren team and a six-man rifle team. The platoon HQ has a Senior Leader (lieutenant, in this case with a rifle and a pistol), Junior Leader (sergeant with a Sten) a two-man 2" mortar team and a 2-man PIAT team.

There are plenty of support options available, many of which I can fill from my existing tank and vehicle collection, but others will require additional purchases.

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