Monday, 20 February 2017

Starting my Chain Of Command project

Yes, I have started yet another project. This time it is Chain of Command, the TooFatLardies platoon level skirmish game for WW2.

As with my other projects, I am working in 15mm, both for space reasons and also aesthetic ones. I just think that games look more realistic at this scale than at larger ones, unless you have a huge table to play on. It also has cost benefits.

Anyway, I could have reused my PSC armies that are based up for IABSM, but I decided that I wanted individually-based figures for CoC, not multiples. So, my first port of call was, who produce lovely-looking 15mm figures.

I took the opportunity to buy some ready-made platoons from Peter Pig, plus some additional figures to give me everything to suit the platoon numbers in the rules. I bought sufficient figures to produce a selection of platoons for 1944-45 in Northwestern Europe. When finished there will be a German Infantry Zug, a Panzergrenadier Zug, a British Rifle platoon and a platoon of British Airborne troops.

Later on I could expand into the Eastern Front and put some Soviet forces together (with the opportunity to get some T-34s), or I might get some American types.

When I was at Crusade in Cardiff in January, I bought some small resin scenic items by Baueda, which I will use for Jump Off points.

I have plenty of vehicles already, so I am well-provided for tanks etc, but I will be buying some 15mm PSC Universal carriers, when they are released and probably some more SdKfz 250 half-tracks, because the ones I already have are the 20mm cannon version, and maybe the SdKfz 231 armoured cars too.

Anyway, what have I done so far?

Well, there are four Jump Off points;

I mounted these on 6cm round bases and I think that they have come out pretty nicely. The figures are there to show the scale.

I've also got my German infantry Zug finished;

and I have also painted up a four man Panzerknacker team (this is one of the support options in the German lists) and eight figures armed with Panzerfausts;

I don't think that I'll actually need all eight, but they were in the German platoon packs, so I painted them. What I'll probably do is include one figure (or two for the Panzergrenadiers) with a Panzerfaust in each section and then replace him with a rifle-armed figure once the 'Faust has been used.

Anyway, I think these look pretty good. 

Now, on to the British Rifle platoon.

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