Thursday, 20 October 2016

Back to painting after a long break

Well, it's been a fair old while but I have started painting again for my Sharp Practice projects. I've done some civilians for my ACW setting and a few wagons and other stuff for Syldavia and Borduria.

Fiest, here are some civilians for the ACW. These will come in handy for various scenarios. They are Peter Pig 15mm.

I think that the woman on the right with the shotgun and the rather flighty-looking woman next to her will be very useful.

In the next two pictures, all the minis are from Magister Militum. First, I have painted up an Engineering group that can be used for either side because they have removed their uniform coats, no doubt due to the heat. An Engineering Group in Sharp Practice should have six figures, but I've done seven because that is how they come from Magister Militum.

The third set of figures represent the supply trains of the armies. I have a water wagon that can be used for either side and two ammunition wagons; yellow for Syldavia and green for Borduria. I've also got two small mule trains that can be used for resupply, or as an objective in a scenario.

None of the figures are in military dress. I've assumed that they are either civilian contractors or local peasants pressed into service.

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