Friday, 16 September 2016


As I wrote in my background piece about my imagined star system, in addition to the various Human factions there are also alien (xeno) species who inhabit the system. 

One faction is the aggressive and militaristic H'Rin Brood Family of the Glorious Kra'Vak Dominate. These are represented by the excellent GZG Kra'vak figures and vehicles. 

As I wrote previously, the Kra'vak are a planetary-based species, living on many worlds spread across a number of systems but there are also roving fleets of Kra'vak clans who are constantly seeking out new systems to conquer. The H'Rin Brood Family are one of these armadas of freebooting spacefarers. Their forces are mobile and fast-moving, as befitting aggressive raiders. The H'Rin raiding parties generally contain three types of troops. These are known to the Humans as hastati, principes and triarii, organised into maniples of between 20 and 30 individuals. The hastati are younger Kra'vak who act as scouts, the principes are older veterans who fight as the main strike force and the triarii are heavily-armed elite troops who act as a reserve or as assault troops. Each raiding party will contain all three types, grouped into a cohort, which might be supported by auxilia, who can be from any number of allied species or who might be contracted mercenaries or even pirates and outlaws.

So here are the three basic types of H'Rin Kra'vak troops. First, two maniples or platoons of hastati scouts. Each platoon consists of two squads of 10 troopers with energy rifles and 2 heavy energy weapons, with a commander and a section of 4 troopers with support weapons and a section leader/FOO.

Next, the main strike force of principes, comprising experienced fighters. Each platoon (maniple) consists of two infantry squads of 10 troopers (8 with standard energy rifles and 2 with the heavier support versions), plus a support squad of 8, equipped with 4 rocket launchers and 4 sniper energy rifles.

Finally, there is a single maniple of 15 triarii, elite veterans in heavier armour and completely equipped with the powerful assault energy rifles.

 This unit is accompanied by the overall cohort leader.

I have also painted up a couple of anti-grav vehicles for this raiding party, a command and ECM vehicle and a powerful tank.

 Finally, I have painted up two units of auxiliaries to add some variety. First is a platoon of Xar Bug warriors. I really like these. They are suitably alien-looking and are equipped with a variety of projectile and energy weapons.

Last, but not least I have a unit of what I can only describe as most definitely being Not-Space Orks, not least because they are red. These are all GZG Alien Mercenaries with the exception of the two bike riders, who are from The Scene, where they are described as Wasteland Warriors. In my imaginary future, these are members of a race called the Orak, pirates, outlaws and mercenaries.

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