Thursday, 1 September 2016

More Sci Fi warriors

Here are some more of my GZG 15mm Q13 minis. These are Japanese Corporate Ashigaru troops who I am using to represent the forces of the Tansa Guild in my invented universe.

First, here is a company of infantry, consisting of three platoons and the company HQ.

Note that the third platoon has more portable missile launchers than the other two in each eight-man squad. This is designated as the  anti-vehicle platoon.

Next, here are the heavy troops in power armour. There are four squads, each with six troopers, two with heavy weapons.

Next is a squad of tripod-mounted autocannons, to provide some fire support. These have two hover APCs as transports. These aren't from GZG. I bought these vehicles from a stand at a show and modified them with some spare turrets.

Next, here are the dreaded Tech Ninja infiltration specialists, armed with power swords and laser pistols or projectile hand weapons. I've designed these to operate as squads of four. They are close combat experts and they are equipped with cloaking technology to help them in their missions.

Finally, there is a platoon of drones, with a drone operator. These are the recce element of the force.

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