Sunday, 30 October 2016

Some Syldavian and Bordurian buildings

These rather nice models are 15mm resin one from Hovels. They are from their Eastern Europe range.

First, there is a small church;

I did a bit of googling for images of churches in the Balkans and found lots of pictures of ones with green roofs. So, green it is.

Secondly, here is what Hovels describe as a "Regional Governors house" but which I think looks more like something owned by a well-off peasant farmer or maybe a local town burgomaster. I decided that some colour was what was required here to make this building stand out;

I wrote in a previous piece about Sir William Huntley-Palmer, "Sir William also writes of the customs and superstitions of the peasants of the southern marches of the province of Moltuja. He writes at length of the legend of a fearsome demonic sorcerer from the icy north known as Crna Tomascz or Black Thomas, who the peasants believe has the power to reanimate the recently-deceased and enslave them for his evil purposes. Sir William writes that  the peasants of this region, being superstitious and in much fear of  Crna Tomascz paint their window and door frames with blue paint, which they believe will ward off the demon. He records that “the people believe that Crna Tomascz knows when someone is close to death and will climb into the house and bewitch them so that once buried he can call forth the corpse from the grave”. He also writes that across the whole region many rural buildings have their roofs partially painted red, especially along the ridges and hips to prevent a demonic entity, which he says the peasants call a  “Noc Vitek”  (trans. Night Gaunt) from roosting there."

Seeing as there isn't really a great deal of difference between the people who inhabit Syldavia and Borduria, these buildings should work happily for both sides and will look good on the table.

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