Friday, 20 May 2022

More renaissance troops have arrived

Twelve more crossbowmen, to be precise, again all Perry plastics.

I decided to give these a blue and white colour scheme, with red crosses to denote that they were working for the Papal army. Of course, blue and white was also a colour scheme associated with the Duchy of Burgundy, so maybe they could be Burgundian mercenaries recruited to serve in my condottieri's band? 

In any case, it doesn't really matter, it is just nice to see a few more troops finished for the project.

I now also have three groups of twelve missile troops who could be an interesting component of a Saga: AoM Great Kingdoms army.


  1. They look great! Love those Perry Plastic Merc/WOTR's kits.

    1. Thanks. Yes, those Perry box sets are great. I am currently sticking a load of bowmen and billmen and the last of my foot men-at arms together. I am contemplating more cavalry too, but that'll be for later on.