Tuesday, 12 February 2019

A few support options for CoC

I actually finished these off a while ago, just after New Year, in fact, but forgot to put a post on here. These are all Peter Pig 15mm figures, of which I am very fond. The tiny sculpts have lots of animation and whatever passes for personality inside a small metal soldier.

There is a mixed bag here, both British and German support options. First off a British rifle section, consisting of a three man Bren team, a sis man rifle team and a Junior Leader.

Next the equivalent for the Germans, a standard Heer section, with the same kind of structure.

Next, a couple of PIAT teams with a Senior Leader. Not sure now much use these will be, or if I'll ever need two of them at the same time, but the figures were, ahem, just lying around, so here they are.

Next, a tripod-mounted MG42 team and a Senior Leader for the Germans. I've already painted up one of these teams, but I had a second one, so here it is. The SL will be a useful cheap support option for the Germans, whose basic platoons lack leaders.

And finally, to quote newsreaders everywhere, here are two Vickers teams for the British, providing some much-needed additional firepower.

There are still quite a few other support options that I might need at some point, so this will rumble on in the background for some time, I think.


  1. I'm sure these reinforcements will be welcomed by their respective forces. You have animated them well. I like the helmets on the British, they are a touch wider than often seen on model figures. Reminds me of the appearance on some newsreel films, where they look so small in their uniforms.

  2. Once again, some very nice miniatures.

  3. Definately need a 2" mortar if not TWO 2" mortars.... need as much smoke as possible.

  4. Looking good! I got some of the same minis sitting on my desk waiting to be painted. Appart from some faces looking like a monster out of Star Trek Peter Pig does so nice minis for the price