Saturday, 7 April 2018

Some resin scenic pieces

I've had a lot of various resin scenic items sitting in a box for ages, both 15mm and 28mm scale, waiting for me to get round to doing something with them. I wish I could remember who made these particular ones, but I'm afraid that I cannot be sure at all. I am pretty sure that a few are from The Square, but their website seems to be lacking in pictures. Anyway, I bought them all at various shows over the last couple of years. The ones shown here are all for 15mm gaming.

While working on finishing off my Peter Pig CoC stuff, I decided to paint a few 15mm items up as well. These were simple to get finished. All I did was spray undercoat them, add patches of earth tones and dry-brush them (using my favourite dry-brushing colour, Vallejo Iraqi Sand) to bring up the detail, and then some final flocking on a few around the edges. Finally, finish off with matt spray varnish. As you can see, I've given a couple of the craters a darker brown bottom, the idea being that this represents a pool of muddy water.

The first picture shows a number of different-sized bomb craters, plus four rustic-looking haystacks. 

The haystacks were even quicker; spray undercoat, glue to MDF round bases, heavy dry-brushing with Iraqi Sand and some grass flock on the bases before spraying with matt varnish.

The craters are clearly going to see most use in WW2 games, indeed they could even be used as Jump-Off Points for Chain of Command, and the haystacks will be useful for pretty much anything historical in 15mm. I can see these being used in my SYW imagi-nations games.

The second picture is a fuel dump, with camouflage netting made by me from butter muslin added for effect. This is going to get used in my forthcoming game of CoC as an objective.

The figure is for scale only. I dyed the muslin with dilute Tan Earth paint and glued it in place with diluted PVA glue, before sprinkling flock over the top.

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