Thursday, 5 April 2018

Getting back to my Chain of Command project

Last year, I began a 15mm Chain of Command project using Peter Pig figures. I got as far as completing a British Rifle platoon, a British Airborne platoon and a German Infantry Zug, plus a few Germans with Panzerfausts and a Panzerknacker team. Then, when I got distracted by other things, I had a Panzergrenadier Zug undercoated, but that was as far as I'd got.

Anyway, I have got a game of CoC in the pipeline, so I thought that I should get back to this and  start finishing off what I'd had planned last year. Therefore I ordered a few odds and ends from Peter Pig and got round to assembling five PSC Universal Carriers that were still on their sprues.

My immediate concern was to complete the following;
  • A Carrier Recce section of two vehicles, each with a three man Bren team plus a Junior Leader
  • A German tripod-mounted MG42 with a five man team

However, while I was working on these, I also decided to finish off the Panzergrenadiers and the three spare carriers, which I made up as one Wasp carrier with a flamethrower, one basic carrier and one with a 2" mortar team. These extra carriers will  also be useful as CoC support options.

I've got enough spare Peter Pig figures to make up a complete British Rifle section and their German equivalent, which are both also support options, plus a few other options, such as a German Pioneer section, comprising a Demolition team, a Flamethrower team and a Junior Leader. Both of those teams can also be taken as separate support options.

The pictures for all of these are below. First the Recce Section;

The other carriers;

The Panzergrenadier Zug;

The fearsome tripod-mounted MG42 and its team;

I've also been thinking about putting a Volkssturm Zug together, which would be classed as Green Troops, allowing them a lot of potential support options. The Peter Pig range has some Volkssturm, which I reckon would blend in nicely with some Peter Pig DAK riflemen (they are in caps and long trousers) and a few other infantry thrown in to create an ad hoc look. I quite like the idea of greatcoat troops for the MG42 teams, because these might not necessarily be Feldgrau uniform greatcoats. The thing I am wondering about is whether they should have a Panzershreck team, as in the German Army List in the rulebook or whether perhaps a couple of guys with Panzerfausts might be more appropriate instead? I mean, we are looking at desperate straits here, not a nice neat by-the-book regulation Zug. I'll have to think about this a bit.


  1. Nice! I just purchased the exact same combination of figures for Volkssturm. My 2-cents: stick with Panzerfausts for them.

    Nick Worthington.

    1. Yeah, I'm thinking just 'Fausts, and probably limit MG42 teams to support options too.