Friday, 17 November 2017

Some extra firepower for Congo

I bought these Wargames Foundry figures a while ago, at the Colours show at Newbury Racecourse, but only recently got round to finishing them off. Both sets are intended to feature as Soldiers under the Congo rules, but will also be suitable for other 19th century adventure and skirmish games.

First, I have eight British infantry in colonial uniform. Yes, I know a group of Soldiers for Congo is only four figures strong, but the blister pack had eight miniatures, so I painted the lot, intending to give me some flexibility as to what games I can use them for, and also maybe for some non-standard games using Congo rules where, more than one group of Soldiers could be allowed. They would be great in other 19th and early 20th century settings. Who knows? They could even be the basis for a small force for Sharp Practice if and when the rules get extended beyond the Black Powder era into colonial times.

My second set are from Foundry's "Egyptian Adventurers" range, which has some terrific miniatures. These are described as being "French Foreign Freebooters", which I take to mean that they are either former Legionnaires or deserters.

In any case, I've tried to make them true to the look of Legionnaires, but not stick that closely to real uniforms. I especially like the character with the keffiyeh-type headgear. He will play the role of a Retired Officer in my Congo games. I had originally planned to give these guys dark blue tunics, but a test painting revealed that it simply didn't look right, so they have khaki tunics, such as were issued to  the Foreign Legion in West Africa towards the end of the 19th century. I used Vallejo Green Ochre for these, because I think it looks closer to the uniform colour in most illustrations of the period than any other shade I possess. I also took some liberties with the colour of the puttees, mainly to break up the overall whiteness of the uniforms, but also to give them more of a feel of former Legionnaires and mercenaries rather than serving troops.


  1. You can use more than one unit of the same type in Congo. You just base your Column on the points allowed and add Characters stipulated by the scenario. You can add more Characters or Auxilaries. However the total star difference between Columns May give your opponent more Totem cards. One card per star difference.

    1. Yes, but the army list for a White Expedition says 0-1 groups of Soldiers.