Tuesday, 5 July 2016

At last, the Bordurian cavalry arrives!

I finished these off last night. They were mostly complete, they just needed flocking and varnishing.

These are two groups of cavalry for my Sharp Practice Bordurians and are, once again Essex 15mm Prussians on Warbases movement trays.

First off, some fearsome Lancers from the Kashkaval Regiment. The lance is a traditional weapon for horsemen on the plains of Northern Borduria and there are three regiments of lancers in the Bordurian army. They all wear a traditional-style uniform. There is one group of eight lancers, plus two leaders and a trumpeter. In Sharp Practice, these are classed as Scouting Cavalry.

The trumpeter will probably serve as a Musician, according to the SP rules.

Next some more conventional types, a group of eight troopers, two leaders and a drummer from the Tchestikov Dragoons. I shall be using these as Impact Cavalry. Not sure what I'll do with the drummer, though.

Finally, I have painted up a few more infantry leaders.

The chap in white on the left will be a leader for a group or two of Freikorps Schtroumpf grenadiers when I get around to buying some. I've decided that Schtroumpf Grenadiers will have red turnbacks to indicate their elite status.

The one with his arms akimbo will be an engineering officer and I am sure that I'll find uses for the two on the right. I painted the guy with the sword as having red turnbacks, so he could end leading some infantry from a different regiment to the ones I've already painted.

That pretty much completes the first round of my Bordurians. So, with the Syldavians already done, all I've got left to do are a load of resin buildings from Hovels (I bought a complete Eastern European village set) and some ammunition and water wagons, six pack horses to form two mule trains and some labourers to serve as an engineering party (to be used by both sides), all from Magister Militum.

These are all going to have to wait for a while, though as I am off on two weeks holiday soon.

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