Friday, 1 July 2016

And now, the Bordurians have artillery

I am approaching the final stages of my Bordurian forces for Sharp Practice so it seems right that my latest completed troops are supporting ones; artillery, mounted leaders and a wagon.

First, here is a Bordurian cannon and limber with five crewmen and a leader. You can see an element of Russian influence here in the green limber and gun carriage and also in the red uniforms of the gunners.

Next up, we have a wagon and driver, which can be pressed into service for all kinds of things, plus three mounted senior leaders;

From left to right there is: a general staff officer, an officer from an infantry regiment and a mounted officer from the Freikorps Schtroumpf.

I am currently finishing off some more foot leaders, who will be useful when I add some different Bordurian troops later and two more groups of cavalry.

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