Thursday, 15 March 2018

My current project - Later Imperial Romans for Saga

This project has come as something to do while I am waiting to get my Bad Squiddo Freyja's Wrath Swordmaidens once they start shipping around the end of April.

I've always wanted an excuse to paint up some Late Romans, because the Roman Empire of Late Antiquity and the early mediaeval period has long been a major interest of mine. A while ago, I bought some Gripping Beast plastic Romans and Dark Age cavalry and more recently. I bought the Aetius and Arthur Saga handbook to go with the Saga 2 rules and the Age of Vikings handbook.

So, with my new knowledge of what is required, I've started out on a new plastic mountain. In addition to the plastics I'd already bought, I bought some more Romans and Dark Age cavalry, plus a box of the Gripping Beast Dark Age warriors. I bought the latter mainly so that I could make up 12 slingers and 12 javelinmen to give me some Levy variants for both the Romans and the post-Roman British. Of course, I'll also be able to make up a load of generic spearmen too, which I'm sure will come in useful.

Now, I know that this will give me far more figures than I'll ever need for Saga, but I am looking at the bigger picture too. I reckon that I'll be able to put together a Late Roman or Romano-British (or generic Romano-Germanic) army for Sword and Spear as well. I just need to carry on buying odds and ends to give me lots of choices. I've already got my eye on the plastic Saxon Thegns and Dark Age archers too, as they will definitely bulk out any 5th-6th century Roman force.

Now, I am just hoping that Gripping Beast are planning some plastic Roman armoured cavalry too!

Anyway, I've just started work, and I'm taking it slowly. So far, I've begun to work on the two command sprues in the Roman box and I've assembled and undercoated eight archers. Once I've got those finished, there will be pictures.


  1. Excellent. I am working on some dark age cavalry and javelin infantry for a Welsh warband, so that will probably fit an army from A&A, too.

    And I can add them to my anglo-danes, and then paint a bit more stuff up and be able to take you on in Sword and Spear as well.

  2. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together!