Saturday, 23 December 2017

Alien Squad Leader V3.0 is now available to buy

Yes, indeed, Alien Squad Leader is back!

Version 3.0 is a 186 page softback available here:

So what's new in version 3.0?

- 14 army lists expanded to 21.

New additions are Human Cultist, Alien Tribal Mercenaries, 2nd Global War Allies, 2nd Global War Axis, Alien Predatory Warhost, Far Eastern Corporate Mercenaries, and Rebel Alliance.

- New unit types: Flying Infantry & Light Armoured Vehicles.

- Primitive Sub-commanders with the "bully" rule can now be taken in addition to normal command stands.

- Points values tweaked to ensure that everything is now a worthwhile buy.

- Addition of characters, represented as individual models.

They have various abilities that can be used to support your troops. Vulnerable, but very flexible units. Luck points can be spent to allow them to perform heroic feats.

Why not take a look? (The first ten pages are previewed on the webpage).

I am sure that Alex won't mind me posting this, after all, all advertising is welcome, so, if you are one of the people who has wondered where they can get these rules, look no further. 

As for me, I am already planning some new armies, which will appear on this blog in the New Year,


  1. Ordered a copy as soon as I saw the announcement on the Yahoo group. You (and your blog) can take personal responsibility for this sale. I'm looking forward to seeing what this game is all about.

  2. Oh dear! I hope you like the rules, because I'll feel responsible if you don't. I think you will though, because creating armies is a lot of fun, you aren't bound to any particular set of figures. Your imagination sets the limits.

    Also, the battles tend to be pretty intense affairs, and you really have to think a lot.