Wednesday, 6 September 2017

More Alien Imperials

I've been working on getting my new Alien Imperial army finished so that I can get it into action ASAP. The thing about this army is that you have to take a mandatory five stands of Primitive troops for each 100pts in the army. That means a whopping 10 stands of Primitives in a 200pt army. When you add in the mandatory 3 stands of Alien Soldiers per 100 pts, this is a pretty large forces compared with some of the other choices in the rules.

Anyway, it is finally finished. My source for miniatures is, as usual, Ground Zero Games; Crusties for the actual Imperials and a mixture of others for the Tribal Auxiliaries, who are classed a Primitives in ASQL, i.e. members of a low technology subject race.

First, here are some GZG Xenomorphs who will represent "Trained Creatures", beasts with no shooting capabilities but who gain a +1 in hand-to-hand combat. These are clearly inspired by the creatures in a classic sci fi film series.

Next up are three stands of Imperial Soldiers plus three stands of Tribal Auxiliary Shooters (including one sub-commander stand), who are obviously nothing whatsoever to do with one of the troop types produced by a well-known company with its own set of rules, even if they are green. Any resemblance is clearly coincidental.

Here are three more stands of Imperial Soldiers, with a round character stand, representing a First Commander, plus two Imperial Soldier command stands (the ones with four minis on).

And some Imperial Heavy Weapons stands.

I'm interested in seeing how this army performs. The Imperial troops and Droids have Superior Energy Weapons and the Elites also have energy shields, so they should be pretty tough. However, that is balanced by the large number of Primitives, who are best considered as a disposable mass of irritants to get in the way while the better troops get into a strong position. The option of having a sub-commander stand means that there is always someone to command the Primitives if the other commanders are busy elsewhere. Lacking true long range primary weapons, this army is going to need to get close to make best use of those superior energy weapons. The Primitives will act as a set of non-human shields. Well that's the plan.

Anyway, however things turn out, it should be fun playing with them. I shall find out on Sunday.

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