Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Lincombe Barm Wargames Society All-Sunday session

Last Sunday the club had an extended all-day gaming session. There were a number of games being played and I think that there were plenty of happy gamers come the end of the day. Here are some pictures of the games (well, pictures of the ones I photographed).

First, here is an Alien Squad Leader game, with my 150pt Human Imperial army being massively chewed up by the evil Bugs of the Hive Mind.

This is Bolt Action Doctor Who, I think U.N.I.T against the Sontarans.

This is the first of two games of Congo;

And finally, two Hordes Of The Things outings for my Hyborian Age Barbarians.  First against and army of Elves;

And a more slippery encounter with a Frog army;

I'll write up the ASQL game in detail later, because it showed up the problems of fighting a huge swarming army of giant Bugs.

There were also games of Kings of War, with Undead against Elves and a Cold War Warsaw Pact  confrontation with the British using Squad Yankee rules in 6mm.

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