Thursday, 19 January 2017

More tanks!

It has been worrying me for a while that I haven't posted anything here. This has really been because I've had my mind on other things and not on those involved in wargaming.

Anyway, now we are in 2017, I need to start painting again so I can take part in the TooFatLardies painting challenge run by Robert Avery on his excellent Vis Lardica website.

I've had three boxes of PSC 15mm tanks sitting around for ages and, while stuck in the house with a chest infection decided to make these up and paint them. The results are below. These will be added to my IABSM forces.

First off are some American tanks (I've also got a load of PSC US infantry and heavy weapons to do). Here are five M4A2 75mm models;

 And here are some M5A1 37mm light tanks. There are different variants but will all play a role as Panzer cannon fodder a scout platoon for the Americans in Normandy and beyond.

 Now we come to the big cats, Panthers to be precise. These will be a lethal addition to my already formidable array of German armour.

I decided to festoon these with vegetation so as to better disguise them in the Norman bocage. I'd previously done the same last year with some Stug III assault guns, shown below;

So, I am finally back painting and I have a new project in the offing, which I will write about in a separate post later.

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