Sunday, 28 August 2016

It's been a while .....................

....... since my last post, so here is something to keep the blog ticking over.

There are mitigating circumstances; I've been gardening a fair bit and I've been having PC problems, which eventually led to a complete hard disk crash, which necessitated a complete system rebuild and a load of data restores. Everything is all back to normal now, and I've even upgraded my operating system to the latest Kubuntu Linux release.

The moral of this story? Simple. Always take regular backups to an external device, and if you think that there is a problem, do a separate baseline backup of essential data to somewhere else as well.

So, what with all that, I've not been doing anything with my Sharp Practice ACW or imagi-nations projects. However, I think that it is about time I introduced my Quadrant 13 project to the world. Q13 is another excellent set of rules from TooFatLardies, and is basically I Ain't Been Shot Mum in the future, i.e. company-level wargaming.

I started this off at the back end of 2015 and made a fair amount of progress with my armies. Pretty much everything is from Ground Zero Games (GZG) 15mm ranges, but I do have some odds and ends from elsewhere.

Anyway, here are some pictures of some figures.

These are troopers in power armour from GZG's NSL range, but in my universe, they represent power-armoured heavy infantry from the Western Condominium (WestCon), one of the major factions on the planet Novotelluria. I have a back-story written for this, which I'll post another time.

Here are some more WestCon troops, again using GZG NSL miniatures. These are two platoons of basic infantry in light armour, plus a support platoon with man-portable plasma guns, heavy automatic weapons and laser rifles and a heavy weapons platoon, equipped with mortars, autocannons and tripod-mounted grenade launchers.

Finally, to round off the infantry, I have a company commander with a couple of forward observation officers.

Then, there are the more mobile aspects of the force. There are a variety of drones with a drone operator, a recce squad on turbo-fan hover bikes, an armoured command hover tank and another hover tank with multiple missile launchers, which could serve as air defence, as anti-personnel artillery or as a tank destroyer.

The camouflage scheme for the vehicles is based upon the Caunter scheme that was used by the British in the early stages of the North African Campaign in WW2.

I have a few unpainted odds and ends to add to this force, but as it stands it is already a pretty formidable prospect.

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