Friday, 8 April 2016

Introducing the fictional histories of Syldavia and Borduria

Hi, Welcome to my new blog. I'm not sure exactly where this will go over time, but to start off I am going to be writing the fictional history of two small imaginary nations that will be familiar to readers of Hergé's Tintin books. Yes, I am talking about Syldavia and Borduria. So, first off apologies are required to anyone who has their own imaginary history projects going along on the same subject, and also to anyone who might object to me going off piste with regards to the Tintin canon.

 The late 17th and 18th centuries are great for imagi-nations. Loads of colourful possibilities abound, so I will be beginning with the 18th century in my next post. My main intention here is to create a background for some skirmish wargames using the updated Sharp Practice rules from TooFatLardies which will be released towards the end of April. Obviously, one project will be a mid-18th century setting. However, I am also going to be playing the American Civil War in 15mm using Peter Pig figures. I'll be posting about that one day, hopefully quite soon. I'll get round to creating the actual tiny armies for Syldavia and Borduria over the next few months too. I am currently looking at the Essex Miniatures SYW range.

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